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terça-feira, 3 de janeiro de 2012

Lincoln Zephyr 39 Na Lata.

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Jesse disse...

I think it's cool to repost all you'd like if you give a your readers the information that the galleries of mine that you've posted came from my blog and I took the photos.

Not that you claim to have photographed them yourself, but not giving a credit to the source is like serving your guests food from a restaurant, while walking it to the table from your kitchen, and putting it in front of them.

That you enjoy my blog and my photos is a nice compliment, but I'd like you to not post them unless you are going to give me the respect of being the photographer and publisher.

I haven't ruined my photos by putting watermarks across them and making them ugly just to get credit for taking them, and it's getting worse all the time, you are only one of 4 dozen websites and blogs that take my photos and repost them, and I'm not getting any happier about it.

This goes for everyone else online, repost what you like, but give credit to the people who earned it. It makes you respectable in the view of your readers. Car people like honorable people, hate cheaters and thiefs, and it's because we all value what we do in the car culture... whether it's a good car, a good race, or a good paintjob. Our work is our reputation, and not giving respect where it is deserved is what can only come from pathetic people.

Right now your blog has a link to mine, just like 380 others, and your readers plus all those others are all seeing this email. It stands out on your blog list, and 380 others, I'll take it down when or if you do the right thing, and either post that photographed the 39 Zephyr, Mack truck firetruck, Sema Show 2011 1960 Ford truck, Chevy 49 pinstripe, Van Go, Old Dodge truck, Dodge Brothers Roadster 1918 all Steel, Ford T 26 Roadster, Chevrolet Coupe 42 gasser, F1 no comments (I took the photos, thats my wife in the wheel chair ) and all the rest you've copied from my blog.

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